BEEM 2017 – CEIO2*120kms Ladies Nations Cup – Friday 18/08
The schedule is now avallable on the FEI site. The entry system is already open for this fantastic competition. The entries will be closed Tuesday 08/08. The entry fee is 350 €. Attention, the pre-ride inspection will take place on Wednesday 16/08, 18:00. The race will be endowed with a prize money of 20,000 €. In addition, all riders who will complete the event will be invited to Abu Dhabi from 08 to 14 November 2017 (with no horse, just for fun).
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In the meantime, Ladies … Brussels is waiting for you !
Gentlemen, the BEEM needs you also: the schedule and the entries for the standard CEI2*120kms will be available tomorrow, 20/07 on Same fee. Same delay. Be aware, we accept only 50 riders.

Brussels 2017: Endurance State of Mind.