You have 2 days (08/08, 23:59) to register on the CEIO LADIES or the CEI2* of the BRUSSELS EQUESTRIAN ENDURANCE MASTERS (18/08) and gallop along the same fabulous tracks as those of the World Championship for Young Horses organized the next day (19/08) or those of the European Championship organised on the eve (17/08) to which 80 of the best worldwide riders coming from 23 european nations have fought dearly for their selection. If you are interested in participating in races richly endowed with gifts, travels and prizes money, you want to share the Jean-Philippe FRANCES, Maria ALVAREZ, Mario HOFFMANN, Juma PUNTI, Sabrina ARNOLD, Barbara LISSARAGUE, Maria HAGMAN ERIKSSON, Harry INGRAM, Constanza LALISCIA, KAMILA KART, Karin BOULANGER, Virginie ATGER, Alex LUQUE, Allan LEON, Peter BASTIJNS, Julien GOACHET, Rui PEREIRA, Andrea AMACHER, Ursula KLINGBEIL and all from the cream of the cream, you know what remains to do !